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My Name is Alayna.
I am a fact-driven marine scientist who was bitten by a tick, contracted Lyme and researched the steps to heal quickly and fully. I guide people back to the natural world as a means to reclaim their innate health.
I developed Resilient: By Nature, a 3-part workshop, to provide you with the tools to more quickly heal from Lyme disease and other chronic health conditions.

Why Resilient: By Nature?
If you’re frustrated with conventional approaches that fall short of addressing your health concerns; this workshop is your gateway to reclaiming vitality, well-being, and inspiration in a supportive community. 

Resilient: By Nature is a holistic solution that offers a comprehensive exploration of natural healing methods grounded in science and empowered by nature's wisdom.



Meet Your Guide

As a passionate advocate for nature's healing potential, I embarked on a personal journey of recovery after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.


Drawing from my background as a fisheries scientist, I immersed myself in the study of natural processes to aid species and ecosystems in recovering from human-induced impacts. Little did I know, these acquired skills would play a crucial role in facilitating my own healing journey.

From Illness to Empowerment

Stricken by Lyme, I experienced a rapid decline in my health. Like many others facing chronic health conditions, I found myself unable to perform even the most basic tasks and struggled with the debilitating effects of the disease. 


However, my background in marine science instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature's resilience—a resilience that I would soon come to embody in my own healing journey.


The Birth of Resilient: By Nature

My journey to recovery unveiled a crucial truth: to heal, we must address the underlying issues that weaken our immune system and make us susceptible to illness. 

Through introspection and research, I discovered the profound impact of lifestyle choices and emotional well-being on our overall health. 

Resilient: By Nature is the culmination of my exhaustive study and personal healing experience—a resource and guide designed to empower you and others on your path to recovery.

This is the exact resource and guide I created for my own healing. 

Now, I offer it to you.

If you’re sick, there’s nothing more important than your healing right now. 


Fighting for your life IS your life’s work.  

Regardless of what you’ve been told, 

or how bad you feel, 


Alayna Bellquist Healed.jpeg
You are not weak,
you do not need “saving”
and you can heal. 
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In this comprehensive workshop, you'll gain invaluable insights and practical tools to accelerate your healing journey:

  • Rapid Healing Methods: Learn proven strategies to heal at a faster rate than the average person with Lyme disease.

  • Latest Treatments for Lyme: Stay informed about the latest advancements in Lyme disease treatment and management.

  • Healthy Habits and Self-Care Practices: Discover new habits and practices to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Mental Fortitude: Cultivate resilience and inner strength to navigate the challenges of life and Lyme with grace and resilience.

  • Tools for Accelerated Healing: Receive a guide outlining my medical choices, holistic modalities, and lifestyle adjustments to support your healing process.


Workshop Format

Resilient: By Nature is a 3-part workshop series designed to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance:

  • Part 1: Information

    • Healing Insights: We will dive deep into the strategies and insights that fueled my rapid recovery from Lyme disease.

  • Part 2: Application​

    • Personalized Support: You are invited to engage in an interactive Q&A session, where I’ll address your specific questions and concerns.

  • Part 3: Results

    • Follow-Up and Progress Tracking: You’ll receive follow-up support to track your progress and adjust your healing plan as needed.


Your Investment In Your Wellness

Your health is priceless, but your investment in wellness doesn't have to be prohibitive. That's why I've priced Resilient: By Nature at an affordable, introductory rate of $222

This investment includes access to all 3 workshop sessions, the replays and supplemental materials to help you reclaim your health and vitality.


Chronic Inspiration 

Don’t let Lyme disease or chronic illness hold you back any longer.


Reserve your spot in Resilient: By Nature today and take a new step toward reclaiming your health and vitality. 

You are designed to heal simply and through nature.
Let me show you how. 

Let’s Transform Your Health Now!

Intro Price $222

Note: This workshop is for individuals seeking transformation and empowerment. If you're ready to commit to your healing journey, we invite you to join us. Skeptics, kindly refrain.

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