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I am Alayna Bellquist.

I guide people to remember and reclaim their innate connection to the natural world to heal themselves from Lyme and other chronic illnesses and conditions. 

I believe that we can have a complete recovery from Lyme. To heal what ails us, we have to be willing to see, embrace, and heal the underlying issues that caused our immune system to weaken. 


I am a marine scientist with a career built on rigorous research and detailed results, which provides me with ample evidence that you and I can heal.

  • Countless times, I’ve witnessed nature heal itself. Because you and I are nature, I trust in my capacity, and yours, to recover from the ravages of Lyme.

  • I have an unwavering trust in my ability to find and choose the correct treatments and to craft a comprehensive plan. In fact, I have healed much more quickly than most people do. Which is why I decided to share what I’ve learned. 

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My Story

Like most people with Lyme disease, I was a Type A overachiever, chronic people pleaser, and perfectionist. In the toxic soup that was created by my relentless pursuit to meet every demand, the suppression of my emotions over a lifetime, and my inability to say "no”, I was unknowingly putting myself at risk.

Part of my healing journey, and yours, includes that in order to heal, you must be willing to confront what led your immune system to depletion. 

At first, I “cringed” my way through the emotional and spiritual aspects required to fully heal from Lyme. I now know that in order to rebuild enough strength to recover, we must have compassion and empathy for ourselves, we must be open to things we might have once found silly or embarrassing, and we must be willing to feel and share our emotions. 

I am grateful for Lyme. It’s given me a rich inner life, an understanding of who I really am, and I’m on my way to the best health I’ve ever had.

I know that these things are possible for you, too. 

In the depths of your healing, I know that you, too, can find gratitude for Lyme. 

You are designed to heal simply and through nature. 


You are not weak, you do not need “saving” and you can heal. 


In turn, this is how we heal the environment.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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