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About Alayna

Marine Scientist
Lyme Disease Thriver
Workshop Leader 

I Guide People To Reclaim Their Health 
Book Coming In 2025 

My name is Alayna Bellquist.

I am a fact-driven, nature-based scientist, who guides people back to the natural world as a means to reclaim their innate health and to solve the environmental crisis.



What Others Have Said


I am so happy to have found you. I have been searching for quite some time to connect with others who have and/or healed from Lyme and are bringing new light to healing. The Universe has been slowly sending me little gifts and putting amazing people in my life recently. After eight long years, I finally feel like things are coming together. Thank you again. It means the world to me!


“The way we heal the natural world is by healing ourselves. The way we heal ourselves is by re-connecting to the natural world.” 

Alayna Bellquist

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